The CYBOR -TECH company, under the Linecorr brand,
manufacturers and sells remote controls for TVs, VCRs, SAT,
DVD, CD, AUDIO tuners.
We have the largest selection of pilots, we guarantee high quality
of our products and attractive prices.
Linecorr brand
We can produce any remote control for an individual order.
We guarantee long life, high functionality.
with many years of history on the market in Poland and abroad.
Our reputable remote controls are ready to work immediately after purchase.
Just insert the batteries and you will be able to use it.
you want to order a remote
it's easy
Karwiniec 78
56-420 Bierutów
We are available Pn-Pt w godz. 8:00 - 17:00.
tel./fax: +48 71 314-64-29
universal remote controls UCT are our flagship products
Record the model number from the name plate on the back of the TV
or find it in the warranty card or manual; alternatively, provide the original pilot model.
manufacturer of remote controls